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 In 2021 in the UK, Ramadan will begin in the evening of Monday 12 April and will end on Tuesday 11 May.

The word 'Islam' in Arabic means submission to the will of God. Followers of Islam are called Muslims. Muslims believe there is one true God Allah. The Five Pillars of Islam are an important part of Muslim life. They are five things that a Muslim must do so they can live a good and responsible life. They include: The declaration of faith. Praying five times a day. Giving money to charity. Fasting during the month of Ramadan. A pilgrimage to Makkah at least once in a lifetime .(Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. The exact dates of Ramadan change every year. This is because Islam uses a calendar based on the cycles of the Moon.)

July 15, 2024
যোহর নামাজের সময়ে শুরু - Begins

1:11 pm

8 Hours Minutes
নামাজের সময়ে শুরু - Begins
ফজর নামাজের সময়ে1:02 am 2:16 am
4:01 am
যোহর নামাজের সময়ে12:06 pm 1:11 pm
আসর নামাজের সময়ে4:25 pm 6:25 pm
মাগরিব নামাজের সময়ে8:38 pm 9:20 pm
এশা নামাজের সময়ে10:29 pm 11:14 pm
MUSCAT, OMAN - NOVEMBER 30, 2017: Interior view of dome of Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in Muscat, Oman